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Saving NYC ,  summer 2021


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Lost Springs

documentary short, 2020

Animalus Mundi

work in progress

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Following Urs J. around the world as he explores the  

many festivals and often curious rituals that celebrate our ancient symbiosis with animals...

This time its elephants, fire walking & extreme body piercing (his own) in Sri Lanka. 

La Rapa das Bestas

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For a few days every July, the small village of Sabucedo, Spain holds its annual wild horses round up & wrestling festival ( thats wrestling horses...)  maintaining a tradition dating back hundreds of years.


work in progress


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With over 25 new species named after him, naturalist Charles Brewer has spent his life exploring the jungles of his native Venezuela searching for the “odd & extraordinary.”

We go with Charles deep inside caves he recently discovered high atop a tepuis in the Chimantá Massif of southern Venezuela.


Cristo Rey 


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For several days every year Mexican cowboys ride across the rugged mountains of central Mexico in an annual religious pilgrimage to Cristo Rey. 

Along the way they renew family ties & try to hold onto a faded way of life.



A series of TV spots for the Cuomo for governor campaign. 

Giuliani Time


Feature documentary looks deep into the world famous mayor’s ‘new’ New York and his controversial policies.

Premiere: Rotterdam International Festival 

The New Yorker, May 17, 2018:

Best Documentary, Silverlake Film Festival

NY TImes: "deft use of archival footage & interviews...".

Variety: “first rate...superb use of footage"

The Afghan Solution


Feature documentary focuses on the country’s  5 major ethnic groups attempts to share power in a nation that's been in a perpetual state of war since the 1980's.