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 location audio

kit for documentary, commercial  + music & atmospheres / stereo & dms surround

Sound Devices 633 and Mixpre-6ii recorders

DPA 4017b and  Sanken CS-3e shotgun mics

Schoeps MK41, MK4 and CCM8 mics

Neumann KM 185 hypercardioid

Audio Ltd, Wisycom & Lectrosonics wireless

Sanken & DPA lavs 

Ambient Lockit timecode 

Cinela & Rycote windshields

post production 

Remote client / edit workflow with -

Premiere Pro / DaVinci Resolve

Apple M1 Max 14" MacBook Pro

Apple 27" Studio Display 

BenQ SW 270c HD grading monitor 

Promise Pegasus Thunderbolt Raids



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