recent work / ongoing clients

Queer Fish in God's Waiting Room,

short, comedy ( Dec 2019 )

Director: Adrian Pasdar


Filmfritz Munich,  "Günther Groissbock in New York."  Rehearsals & interview with the Austrian Bass re: his recent performance at MET Opera, Der Rosenkavalier, Jan 2020

Beverly Boys / Swirl Films & BET,

"The Plot to Kill King". In progress 2019/2020.

"Uncensored" ongoing shows

G2Films, London / NYC.

Ongoing doc / PR work for Cunard Lines / Per Scholas / Convene.

Indi Films GmbH

Body of Truth

Feature documentary, International Premiere

DOC NYC festival,  Nov 2019


Luitpold Film / Arté

Hilma af Klint

Martini-Caruso Productions, NYC

Corporate films + short narratives, recently:The Deplorable, dramatic short (2019)

Just in Time, dramatic short (2019)

MKessler Studios, NYC

5.1 surround & location recordings for gallery.

Current installation: ME Contemporary, Denmark

Broadview TV, GmbH Cologne

Too Young to Die, documentary series

Klitschko 2

Feature doc in progress,  2019

previous feature docs: Resistance Fighters;

Nowitzki, the Perfect Shot; Klitschko

Crazy Legs Productions, Atlanta, GA

Dead Silent

TV docu-drama, NY interviews

Telecam Films, Washington, DC

Documentary & Corporate films 

Ralph Lauren, NYC

Bang Bang Films

Feature, “Europe or Die”

+ original music recordings

ZDF German TV

NYC and Washington, D.C.

Broadcast TV / documentary


London, NYC

Coporate & documentary films

Muskat Films, NYC

Picassomania - documentary feature & installation for Picasso retrospective in Paris

AVE-Publishing, GmbH

Twitter - documentary!

DoRo Films

Feature Doc, “Whitney Houston”

Director: Rudi Dolezal

Sentana Filmproduktion Gmbh

“Reasonable Doubt”

Feature Documentary

Director: Michael Verhoeven

PBS / WGBH, Boston

Sound Tracks, Music w/out Borders

Musicians... interviews + live recordings

shows with Tom Harrell,

Milos Karadaglic, Anoushka Shankhar.

RusselJames Studios, NYC

Victoria’s Secret, Commercial spot.

WGBH / Frontline, Boston

PBS series, ‘Digital Nation’.

ARD German TV

NYC and Washington, D.C.

Broadcast TV news & documentary

DF Media Productions

Specializing in films about classic cars, 

their history and owners... interviews + 

a lot of car SFX recordings...

doc.station GmbH,  Hamburg

About Begley

Feature documentary on Louis Begley

JumpMedien, Gmbh

Commercials & industrials for Porsche Germany

Das Erste, GmbH

Francoise Gilot

documentary, 2018

fechnerMEDIA, GmbH

Feature documentary

profile of 13 yr old Felix Feinkbeiner  

& issue of world reforestation.....

Arté , Berlin/NYC

Profile series,  Magnum photographers Elliot Erwitt & Stephan Shore

Monaco Films GmbH, Hamburg

Documentary productions...


BangBang Films


Documentary about Mexican cowboy pilgrimage to shrine of Cristo Rey.

WDR/Spiegel TV, Gmbh

Wem gehört das Wasser? Documentary on Aquifer privatization around the world; US locations.


imbd msc here:

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